Minzari Crown Hookah Bowl

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Product Information: Introducing the Minzari Crown hookah bowl, the finest all-in-one hookah bowl available. No longer will you have to use foil, hole punchers, windcovers... Everything you need is built into this uniquely designed hookah bowl that smokes like a dream. How It Works The Minzari Crown features a threaded stem which the hookah tray is attached to. If you want to increase heat, such as when your coals begin to die down, merely spin the tray so that it threads up closer to the bowl. The Minzari Crown hookah bowl is designed to generate low, steady heat, vaporizing your shisha as opposed to burning it, like with traditional foil bowls. In a nut shell, the Minzari Crown generates the smoothest draws with the best taste possible. The Minzari bowl comes with an included cover with a distinctive crown top that acts as a handle. Start off by removing excess juice from your shisha, this ensures no mess through out your session. After that, cover the bowl. This ensures that all the shisha's flavor is locked in. There is no need for foil, and the Minzari's crown lid works as a wind shield. The Minzari Crown will make your coals last twice as long, with a ventilated coal tray. When your coals are ready, place them in the built-in tray and slowly screw the tray upwards towards your bowl. Heat management is a snap: need more heat? Spin it a little closer. Too hot? Spin it back down a little. As the coals die out, you are able to keep placing them closer to the bowl which results in maximum coal longevity. Also, since the tray heats the shisha from the bottom (heat goes up), this is the most effective way to heat your shisha tobacco. Features Of The Minzari Crown Bowl The interior of the Minzari Crown bowl is lined with small holes, allowing optimal air flow from the coals. The raised center spire is similar to a phunnel bowl, allowing juices to stay in the bowl and keeps flavor locked in. (Try to avoid over filling the bowl or getting shisha inside the spire). The coal tray has large cutouts, allowing airflow which keeps your coals burning hot. The attached handle can get hot so we recommend using hookah tongs to spin it. The attached handle can also be used as a cleaning tool, for the lined holes inside the bowl. The Minzari Crown is machined in the US and made from high quality stainless steel. This is not a cheap Chinese product, it is going to stand the time and features precise craftsmanship. From the moment you open the beautifully designed box the overall quality and superiority of this Minzari hookah bowl is obvious. Included with the Minzari Crown bowl: Uniquely designed stainless steel hookah bowl Specially threaded steel stem Ventilated steel tray w/ handle Attractive crown handled lid Stylish, luxury style storage box You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product